Life Lately – In Snapshots

Coucou! A brief update from me on this sunny wednesday afternoon. I must admit that I’m still trying to figure out just how much of my personal life I wanna share on here. For the most part I prefer to keep my private life, well, private, but I can see how this wouldn’t really be a “blog” if I didn’t share some personal things on here. Anyhow, I’ve put together...

Summer Essentials

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Breakfast in Berlin

.. Just a couple of photos from our last morning in Berlin, which we spent eating waffles and other delicious breakfast essentials at the hotel, strolling the little courtyard and enjoying the lovely weather! (the hotel is AMANO Grand Central, by the way. I can definitely recommend it.) .. Blot et par billeder fra vores sidste morgen i Berlin, som vi tilbragt i hotellets morgenmadslokale, hvor vi spiste os mætte...

Baby Lambs and Cherry Blossom

I was in the countryside this weekend, visiting my family – and, of course – the little baby lambs residing nearby. Just look how adorable and innocent they are! Also, my moms japanese cherry blossom trees are currently blooming, so I obviously had to snap a few photos of that, too. I always forget how magical spring is. It’s good to be reminded.  

5 Travel Accounts to Follow on Instagram

@mattstravelblog: bright colors, seaside, beaches. // @parisinfourmonths: paris, fashion, travels. // @rodtrvn: nature, adventure, roadtrip. // @1924us: dark colors, wanderlust, coffee. // @zeekyan: breathtaking nature, roadtrip, wanderlust. Since people keep asking what music I play on my stories, I've created a spring playlist to share with you guys. Check out "spring time" playlist on my Spotify account. (erodtrevino). A post shared by Rodrigo Trevino (@rodtrvn) on Apr 12, 2017 at 8:07pm PDT  

Summer Wishlist

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Rome City Guide

Rome is one of the most charming cities I’ve been to. Old, historical, vibrant, young, magical. Absolutely magical. However, Rome being one of the most popular cities amongst tourists worldwide, houses an awful lot of tourist traps to watch out for – if you’re looking to discover the real Rome, that is. And trust me, the real Rome is a lot better than the tourist-trap one. So here are a couple...

Memories of Summer

While looking out my window on this gloomy grey-day, feeling a bit blue today for some reason, it brightens my mood to look through photos from last summer. And man, that was one hell of a summer, spent soaking up the sun on Mallorca, Rhodes, in Barcelona, Montpellier, Halkidiki, and well, Paris and Berlin. It certainly was one of those summers I’ll never forget.     

In Between My Travels #3

In 2017 so far I’ve been to North Jutland, the Algarve, Paris, New York, Rome and the Faroe Islands. And due to my eternal restlessness (the curse of my generation) I’m already eager to pack my suitcase and head off somewhere. Next trip is to Berlin, which is in two weeks from now – oh me, oh my, what will I do till then? Probably listen to the jazzy feel-good...

Mouthwatering Sushi in The Faroe Islands

As you might already know, I’ve just been to the mysterious, remote, unspoiled and absolutely breathtaking Faroe Islands, where I had the chance to visit a couple of very decent restaurants. Really, I was surprised just how competent the faroese are when it comes to culinary ventures. And man, do they know how to make full use of their surroundings. The islands are famous for their dried lamb meat and, of...

Faroe Islands Photo Diary

Yesterday I came back home after a 4-day trip to the Faroe Islands. It really was quite an unusual place – more so than Iceland, though I did find that they are similar in more ways than not. We (Sidsel, my new partner-in-crime, and I) rented a car the entire time, which was a very clever decision since it’s pretty hard to get around the islands otherwise. Tórshavn itself is tiny, so the majority...