The Ironic Case of a Travel Writer Who Fears Flying

5 Travel Reads of the Month


It’s time for another post with online travel reads. And I’ve come across a few this past week. So! Without further ado, here goes:

1. The Icelandic full-time traveller and owner of the airline “WOW air”, Skúli Mogensen, talks to the New York Times about his travel habits. Read it here.

2. Brygg magazine about the norwegian version of “hygge” – Koselig. “Even though it is difficult to accurately define what koselig is, and what is koselig, there is consensus amongst Norwegians of the innate understanding and cultural importance of the concept of koselig.” Read it here.

3. The New York Times recommends meditation apps for traveling. I’ve been looking for a good one for a while, so definitely trying out one or two of the ones mentioned here.

4. Earlier on the month, Munchies (VICE) broke the news that Amsterdam is opening Europe’s first all-avocado restaurant! Such great news if you ask me! Read it here.

5. You’re a fan of yoga, too? The Guardian recommends 25 of the best yoga holidays and retreats right here.

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The Ironic Case of a Travel Writer Who Fears Flying