PEONIES: Flowers and Specialty Coffee in Paris

Postcard from Paris


..Well, I arrived back in Copenhagen last night, but postcards tend to be delayed 😉 I’ve literally been running around these past few days like a total maniac. I was so eager to make it everywhere that my body decided to say “STOP!” – I’m talking pounding heart and body tremor. Very, very uncomfortable. Three days in Paris has been too short for work and pleasure combined, and I will definitely remember that next time I go!

Nevertheless, it’s been good to be back! No, its been amazing. Paris still feels like home in so many ways.


Wednesday I set the alarm early, had breakfast at my hotel, then went straight to PEONIES, which I wrote a post about on Thursday. Flowers + specialty coffee – What’s not to like?

  • Peonies, 81 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis


Après I went past the cheese shop Taka & Vermo (the cutest cheese shop you’ll ever see), and over to Republique of Coffee; another cute little coffeeshop, located right next to the Place de la Republique. It’s a beautiful mix of parisian sidewalk café charm and hip specialty coffeeshop vibes (and cute baristas)!

  • Taka & Vermo, 61 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis
  • Republique of Coffee, 2 Boulevard Saint-Martin

dsc06599 dsc06609 dsc06631

After having one too many coffees I took the metro over to the 7th arrondissement to visit my friend, Julie. I’ve known her since my first year in Paris (2012), and she has lived in the city for about 8 years. Julie gave birth just about a week ago I arrived in Paris, so when I came to visit I got to meet Lucie; the most beautiful, little babygirl, I’ve ever seen. Damn, it was hard to leave! But I had to – Next, I was off to meet up with Regitze. I’ve known Regitze since my second year in Paris (2013) and she just moved back to Paris for her studies. We popped by Palais Royal, where our friend Pernille works, and then continued to the 10th arrondissement to grab a beer at Le Comptoir Général. Then we crossed the canal and walked up to Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis to have burgers at PNY; you definitely have to go here if you’re a vegetarian like myself. Their veggie burger was amazing. The place is pretty busy on most nights, so do arrive early in order to get a table right away.

  • Le Comptoir Général, 80 Quai de Jemmapes
  • PNY (Paris New York), 50 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis


Thursday morning I grabbed a quick breakfast at my hotel and rushed off to visit Café Mareva: a gluten-free, (more or less) dairy-free café right next to the canal. It’s owned by Mareva; a passionate woman, eager to share good food (and pâtisserie!) with her fellow parisians, and (bonus info:) she used to run a blog about healthy living in Paris! Definitely visit if you’re vegan/vegetarian/gluten intolerant – or simply a big fan of good cafés 😉

  • Café Mareva, 38 Rue du Faubourg du Temple

dsc06765 dsc06771

Before lunchtime I grabbed coffee at 5 Pailles. I’m not gonna write a lot about them here, as I’m planning on doing a coffee-shop post next week, but definitely visit if you’re around – besides, they serve coffee on beans from the danish La Cabra Coffee in Aarhus!

I had lunch at La Maison Bleue, which is probably one of the coolest bistros/restaurants I’ve been to in Paris. I loved the interior and the sidewalk seating. So cute! I had the veggie salad with goat cheese, nuts, ruccola and baked potatoes. Super délicieux!

  • 5 Pailles, 79 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis
  • La Maison Bleue, 7 Place Franz Liszt

dsc06807 dsc06824

Later I was headed to haut-Marais to have coffee at Fringe. Another coffeeshop you’ll have to wait to hear more about. Nevertheless, Fringe is yet another cool coffeeshop worth popping by! I strolled around Marais with Anna, a danish girl who works at Fringe, and later went to Jaurés to have sushi with Edyta and Marita; two friends from Poland and Bulgaria. Edyta and I always go for sushi in the same mediocre sushi-restaurant. It’s cheap (3€ for 6 Maki pieces), it’s never too busy, and it’s surprisingly good, considering the low prices. Later we walked over to the Villette canal and had a few beers at Le Pavillon des Canaux. For some reason I always forget to take photos when I’m here, but this place is the coolest. It’s a normal house, only it’s not a “house” as such; it’s a café/bar/restaurant. So basically, you can chill in the teenage girl’s room or enjoy a beer in the tub, outlooking the canal. Awesome, isn’t it?

  • Le Pavillon des Canaux, 39 Quai de la Loire


Hotel breakfast. Then off to chat with owners of different speciality shops in Rue des Martyrs. (Check out Mademoiselles Madeleines – so chic, and the most delicious madeleines, I promise!)

  • Mademoiselles Madeleines, 37 Rue des Martyrs


Later I met with Marcus for coffee at KB Caféshop. One of my all-time favorites. Marcus and I bonded over a mutual passion for photography a few years back, and now he lives in Paris, living off of his photography. More about him in another post!

  • KB Coffeeshop, 53 Avenue Trudaine

dsc06928 dsc06935


Now I’ll lean back, get some work done, and watch tons of Sex and The City to relax a bit after the past few (extremely busy) days! Have a fantastic weekend, everyone 🙂 X

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