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4 New Specialty Coffee Shops in Paris


Third wave specialty coffeeshops keep popping up all over Paris, and it’s always exciting to see how they attempt to stand out. Below are four new additions to the Paris coffee scene that I visited during my recent trip to the city! (.. However, try not to drink as much coffee as I did, or you won’t sleep for days) 😉


PEONIES is run by one of those passionate, driven, starting-from-the-bottom kinda folks. Clementine had no experience with either coffee nor flowers, but today she combines the two in this little gem of a coffeeshop. Read more about it here.

Peonies, 81 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis


Fringe Coffee

The interior and selection of food is scandinavian-inspired in this lovely, little Haut-Marais coffeeshop/photo gallery. The beans are from danish Collective Coffee, amongst other small roasters. Pop by and chat with Jeff, the owner, who wrote a book about the coffee revolution in Paris.

Fringe Coffee, 106 Rue de Turenne


5 Pailles

.. Another coffee shop that seems to like danish coffee roasters. When I visited I was surprised to find out that they served coffee from the city of Aarhus! 5 Pailles opened only a few months ago, and is located right next to PEOINIES in Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis. It’s perfect for hiding in the back room with your laptop, enjoying a beautifully made latte!

5 Pailles, 79 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis


Republique of Coffee

Mexican food, Parisian café-vibes and good coffee. Republique of Coffee is located right next to Place de la Republique and serves (delicious!) coffee on beans from the Paris roaster, The Beans on Fire. Sit back and watch life pass by outside while you sip your coffee!

Republique of Coffee, 2 Boulevard Saint-Martin


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