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Postcard from The Algarve


Man, I wish I had a GoPro with me yesterday, biking for hours along orange fields in the sun, passing cute, little villages on my way… I arrived in the Algarve Thursday morning at Faro airport, from where I was picked up and taken to the Ria Formosa natural park area, where my hotel is – located between two huge golf courts. Absolutely stunning views.

When I arrived it was rather cloudy due to a sand and dust-laden wind coming in from the Sahara desert, leaving everything covered in a thin layer of sand, too. Quite an unusual phenomenon, apparently!

The nature around here is breathtaking, and since it’s only about 16-18 degrees out, it’s actually possible (as opposed to mid-august) to spend time outside, exploring and being active. So I rented a bike yesterday and set out to find the city/town of Tavira, which is located around 10+ km. from here. After three (almost four) hours of being shaken on the bike by a road resembling this one, getting lost about 10 times, I turned back. I did pass through the cute, little village town of Cabanas – and reached into a orange field and picked an orange! 😉

I’ve been rising early both mornings (today and Friday) at 6.45, making it to the indoor pool early for a quick swim before breakfast. I love this time of day, and I love that I can have the area to myself. Today I’ve been exploring the Ria Formosa natural park area some more, walking along the beach, and getting a full-body massage over at the spa (soooo amazing after my bike ride yesterday that left my body awfully sore)

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