Travel Ritual #1: Early Mornings in Coffeeshops

5 Travel Reads of The Month


Yet another post of inspiring/useful travel reads, I’ve come across this past month or so.

  1. I’ve had more than a few flight delays over the past couple of months, so this New York Times mindfulness practise sure came in handy.
  2. This is pretty awesome: an app to tell you when to leave for the airport. Read about it here.
  3. I struggle with motion sickness, which is one of the reasons I’m such a nervous flyer (and hate turbulence!) Also, I generally avoid boat trips. However, I did find this article quite helpful.
  4. Bookshops are the best, and I love visiting them when I travel. This New York Times read is so lovely (and so relatable!)
  5. I went to see La La Land the other day and fell head-over-heels in love with the film. I felt like crying, laughing and dancing all at once. This guide to Los Angeles locations for La La Land fans like myself is spot on!

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Travel Ritual #1: Early Mornings in Coffeeshops