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Coffee & Pastries in Brooklyn


I came across Butler Bakeshop and Espresso bar on Instagram a couple of days before my trip to New York and immediately added it to my list of places to go. Carina and I went Monday morning for a cup of coffee, and I quite liked the vibe here. It’s located right by the Williamsburg Bridge, a couple of minutes walk from the Bedford Avenue subway station. Only regulars/locals seemed to stop by for their morning coffee – no tourists, which is always a good sign – and we tried hard to blend in, until, of course, I took out my camera, which pretty much gave us away. Butler get their beans from Intelligentsia, and in the kitchen is Ryan Butler, a Michelin starred pastry chef (sadly we didn’t taste any of the pastries – next time!)
Looking for equally as cozy and stylish morning vibes, but in Manhattan? Try this one. X

Butler Bakeshop and Espresso Bar,
95 South 5th Street, Brooklyn

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Jack's Wife Freda, New York