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Life Lately – In Snapshots


Coucou! A brief update from me on this sunny wednesday afternoon.
I must admit that I’m still trying to figure out just how much of my personal life I wanna share on here.
For the most part I prefer to keep my private life, well, private, but I can see how this wouldn’t really be a “blog” if I didn’t share some personal things on here. Anyhow, I’ve put together a tiny peak into what’s been going on lately..

So, without further ado – Lately I’ve…

.. Visited my animal friends in the countryside, surprised my mom for Mother’s Day (sorry, no photos) and chilled with my best childhood-friend, Minnie (the little furry, black and white lady in my lap on below photo)


.. Been to Berlin for work with Sidsel – eating tons and tons of delicious food!


.. Been working in coffeeshops (one of my favorite occupations) – oh, and working out as well, since I recently joined a gym (aha, I know, I never thought this day would come either..)


That’s all for now, folks, but stay tuned – I’m off to Madeira in a little over a week and can’t wait to post lots and lots of sunny photos on here! X

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