Madeira Photo Diary

Spa Weekend in Sweden


Last weekend I went on a work-related spa retreat an hour from Copenhagen, in the south of Sweden. I had just come back from Madeira, so I wasn’t exactly in “need” of a relaxing weekend getaway – or so I thought… The swedish countryside is so mesmerizing and peaceful, and the surroundings at Mossbylund were cozy, quiet and stylish. We had such a lovely time, and were particularly thrilled with our dinner in the hotel restaurant, where I had – perhaps – the best gnocchi ever. I did not expect that, but maaan did I enjoy it..

In a few hours I’m off to Montenegro, so I’ll have to cut this short. But here’s a few photos, so you can get the idea of just how lovely the place was:

dsc03381 dsc03389 dsc03457dsc03425  dsc03472 dsc03480 dsc03511 dsc03521

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