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5 Travel Reads of The Month


It’s about time, you say? Yup, my last “5 travel reads of the month” post was this one back in april, so you’re absolutely right. Now, here are 5 travel-related articles that I’ve come across over the past month, and wanted to share with you guys – enjoy!

1. As a nervous flyer, I love stumbling upon tips from pilots. In this article from The Telegraph I found some pretty cool (and bizarre) tips that I haven’t heard of before – so I will personally try them out next time I’m flying somewhere!

2. Is there such a thing as a wanderlust gene? I personally can’t remember a time when I wasn’t eager to go somewhere; I’ve always been a travel junkie. Read about the science of wanderlust in this interesting piece from Condé Nast Traveler.

3. Off to Greece this summer? I’ve been to Greece a million times, and I love, love, love it. I recently stumbled upon this piece from The New York Times with tips on how to have an affordable vacation around the beautiful country, that you might find useful if you’re headed there in the future!

4. Calling all fellow Gilmore Girls fans! Scott Patterson (aka. Luke) is starting his own coffee brand! Yes, it’s for real, go read about it right here.

5. And finally, 101 books to dive into this summer by TED! Good luck! 😉

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