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Top 5 Travel Essentials


In an attempt to narrow down my list of travel essentials for this post, these are the 5 (some no-brainers, some weird) things that make my travels a whole lot easier. They do not count obvious items such as contacts (or glasses for that matter), toothbrush etc..

1. Earplugs.
I am a super light sleeper, and it takes little to no noise to wake me up from
my much-needed beauty sleep, so more often than not I rely on earplugs to sleep from snoring people,
street noise, cars, etc..

2. Moisturizing cream.
When on the road you’re constantly exposed to massive temperature swings
(yes, I’m talking about AC), and though I’ve gotten quite used to it by now
(I don’t catch colds from it anymore, thank god!), I still tend to dry out a bit.
I’ll never, never go on a trip and not pack moisturizing cream.

3. Nuts.
Right, this one might seem weird, buttt nuts are such a great source of protein when
you’re on the road and suddenly feeling hungry (or hangry) and exhausted.
I usually bring almonds and/or walnuts. Sometimes I roast almonds in the oven with
salt before going on a trip. That way it’s a little more delicious 😉

4. Hand sanitizer.
No explanation needed, I guess.. I’m not a big fan of the idea that
the tray table is dirtier than the toilet onboard planes.

5. Lipstick.
So terribly girly, I know. But when I get off a plane looking super exhausted,
lipstick can immediately freshen up my face so I can (hope to) look as chic as the

What are your travel essentials?

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