Early Mornings in Paris

One of the things I love most about Paris is when I can have the city all to myself. It is a very rare privilege to get to wander the streets of – probably – the most beautiful city in the world, and have all the iconic monuments and picturesque surroundings to yourself. This time, however, I agreed to share it all with one of my oldest friends, Jonas, who’s also...

Sur les Toits de Paris

Mais oui! You guessed right – I’ve arrived in Paris. As you might have also guessed from above and below photos, I’m staying in a typical parisian studio with a beautiful view of the Paris rooftops. I’ll most certainly consume beaucoup de glasses of red wine and cups of coffee on my cute, little balcony while I’m here. Catch up with ya later! X Dansk: Mais oui! Du gættede rigtigt –...

Life Lately – In Snapshots

Coucou! A brief update from me on this sunny wednesday afternoon. I must admit that I’m still trying to figure out just how much of my personal life I wanna share on here. For the most part I prefer to keep my private life, well, private, but I can see how this wouldn’t really be a “blog” if I didn’t share some personal things on here. Anyhow, I’ve put together...

Baby Lambs and Cherry Blossom

I was in the countryside this weekend, visiting my family – and, of course – the little baby lambs residing nearby. Just look how adorable and innocent they are! Also, my moms japanese cherry blossom trees are currently blooming, so I obviously had to snap a few photos of that, too. I always forget how magical spring is. It’s good to be reminded.  

Memories of Summer

While looking out my window on this gloomy grey-day, feeling a bit blue today for some reason, it brightens my mood to look through photos from last summer. And man, that was one hell of a summer, spent soaking up the sun on Mallorca, Rhodes, in Barcelona, Montpellier, Halkidiki, and well, Paris and Berlin. It certainly was one of those summers I’ll never forget.     
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